Highly Trained Professionals

Idaho Laser Cutting is a proud member of the Powder Coating Institute. We have a team of highly trained powder coating professionals who know the ins and outs of powder coating. Our knowledge of surface preparation has made our powder coating results exceed all expectations. Expect fast, reliable results when you work with Idaho Laser Cutting.

Our Surface Preparation

Over the years, our team of experts has come up with a surface preparation system that has shown consistently superior results.


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Sand blasting

Sand blasting rids the metal’s surface of oils and impurities, but it also creates hills and valleys in the surface that prepare it for adhesion.


An epoxy primer is used to fill in the valleys created by the sand blasting, making it so that air or other particles won’t get trapped beneath the powder coating.

Powder Coating

Lastly we apply our super durable TGIC powder coating formula to the metal’s surface. The hills provide something for the powder coating to grab hold of, making for a firm adhesion.