Mission Statement

Idaho Laser Cutting is a service performed by Premier Powder Coating and Custom Fabrication, LLC. Its mission is to:

  • Deliver accurate and timely parts within budget
  • Offer a manufacturing cornerstone for current and future businesses
  • Stimulate local economic growth

Vision: Stimulate Local Economic Growth

Our current laser is The Amada Ensis 3015 AJ Fiber Laser Cutter. This laser cutter enables us to cut 3 times faster, resulting in dropped prices. Idaho Laser Cutting understands the importance of delivering quality performance in a timely manner.

Idaho Laser Cutting has a vision in mind of driving local economic growth by expanding our manufacturing capabilities. Our vision is that companies will use us as the local manufacturing cornerstone for their current businesses, as well as for businesses looking to settle nearby.

Years in Business

Idaho Laser Cutting has been performing services locally, nationally and internationally since 2005. We have worked closely with local businesses in establishing and performing new product development. Our services have spanned as far as Fukushima, Japan where we provided manufactured catwalks to be used in the clean up of a Nuclear Site.


We have been an innovated leader in manufacturing, and our laser cutting capabilities have allowed us to eliminate human error and produce products of the highest quality. Some specific examples of our product lines include:

World's Best Picnic Table

Premier Site Furniture is our patented line of site furnishings that have gained recognition as the all around best site furniture in the nation. PSF has earned this recognition in consideration to its one piece design, minimal welds, and durability. Our picnic tables are now being sold nationwide because of the popular engineering making them to be non-tipping, lightweight, and durable.

Bear Proof Containers 

Bear Guardian is the leader in bear resistant products. Our products have passed the rigorous testing performed by the National Park Service. From food boxes to dumpsters, whatever the need be, we can provide you with containers that will ensure security against the smartest scavengers.

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