The specific process will depend on the needs of your project. In most cases, you will start by working with one of our estimators to discuss the project and work out details and expectations. When expectations and details are set, you’ll get the estimate and we’ll get to work.

In many cases, we’re able to get this entire process done in a week. It depends on the size and scope of the project.

STEP 1 – 3D Design

You will need a design file. Our preferred file type is DXF, but we will work with most other file types. If you do not have a file, this first step includes working with a member of our design team to create a 3D design.

STEP 2 – Programming & Laser Cutting

When the design is ready and approved, the laser cutting operator will program the laser to cut your project. The parts are then carefully laser cut with our high-powered laser.

STEP 3 – CNC Bending & Welding

If your project requires welding and/or bending, the laser cut parts go to our welding experts and our CNC Press Brake operator.

STEP 4 – Abrasive Blasting & Powder Coating

When fabrication is complete, the parts/products will go to our abrasive blasting specialist before they are primed and powder coated in one of the largest powder coating facilities in the region.

STEP 5 – Delivery & Installation

We package it up for safe delivery and ship it to you at one of the lowest shipping rates in the United States. For select projects we send our experts on site for installation.

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