How it works

If your idea is already professionally designed and drawn (preferred file types: DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP AP203/214, .sldprt) then all you need to do is upload your file(s) with a few details and we'll contact you with a quote. If you only have your idea out as an image or PDF, don't worry, we have a certified design team to work with. Give us a call.

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60" x 120" table size allows us to cut large sheets. Cuts:

  • Carbon Steel up to 7/8"
  • Clean cut Stainless Steel up to 1/2"
  • Aluminum up to 3/8"
  • For 1" Carbon Steel, please contact us.
  • Tolerance +-.003
  • Repeatability Tolerance +-.0002
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Our Mission

Idaho Laser Cutting is striving to drive local economic growth by expanding our manufacturing capabilities. Our hope is that companies will use us as a local manufacturing cornerstone for their businesses as well as for businesses looking to settle nearby. Why go to the other side of the world when you can get better quality, customer service, and shorter lead times, right here in the United States?

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