Make Your Park Stand Out

Looking to enhance your park? At Idaho laser cutting we make laser cut signs that will do the job. We offer two basic styles: recessed laser cut and stand out laser cut signs. Recessed signs are single sheets of metal with words and pictures cut directly into the metal, while stand out designs involve individually cut our and mounted elements. Each as its perks, and both look fantastic. Start your project today!

Powder Coating Options

Our powder coating is top of the line. Powder coating your sign adds a layer of glossy color, as well as a layer of protection. Our powder coating protects the metal sign from rust and corrosion, greatly increasing the sign’s longevity. Shown below are 12 of our most common colors, but custom colors are available upon request.

powder coated color options
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Laser cut park signs
park laser cut signs

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Metal Cut Park Sign Benefits:

  • A beautiful laser cut park sign that is eye catching to passersby.
  • An improvement to your parks landscape.
  • A laser cut park sign that will last a long time without corroding, rusting, fading, or chipping.