Park Signs

At Idaho Laser Cutting we have been providing parks with custom metal signs for the last decade. Our custom metal park signs enhance the surrounding area while fitting in nicely with nature. Each custom metal sign is constructed from eco-friendly materials that are better for the environment.

Powder Coating Options

Each custom metal park sign comes coated with one of our durable powders. The powder bakes at 400 degrees to create a smooth finish that is resistant to chipping and rust. The powder coat is available in twelve standard colors that look beautiful with the surrounding areas. We can also do custom powder coat colors per request.

powder coated color options
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Custom Metal Park Signs

Custom Metal Park Signs

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Custom Laser Cut Park Sign Benefits:

  • To remove sharp edges each custom laser cut sign is transported through a tumbler to remove sharp edges.
  • The twelve standard powder coating colors provides a natural look for your custom metal park sign.
  • Our precision cut laser uses clean cuts for a crisp and detailed finish.