Name and Address Signs

Here at Idaho Laser Cutting we love to help add personality to your home. Each custom metal sign is available with choice of color, inscription, font, and images for a really personal touch.

Powder Coating Options

Whether your custom metal name and address sign is stored inside or outside, it is important for the sign to stay looking new. Thanks to our team, we have come up with a special process to enable a longer-lasting product. Each custom metal sign is powder coated with the finest powder for a durable, strong finish that is resistant to corrosion and harsh weather conditions. The powder coat is available in twelve custom colors.

powder coated color options
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 Name and Address Metal Signs

Custom Metal Name Sign

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Custom Laser Cut Name & Address Sign Benefits:

  • For a smooth finish, each custom metal sign is put through a tumbler to remove sharp edges for added safety.
  • The specialty powder coat gives the custom metal name and address sign a beautiful shine that will not dull with time.
  • The laser cutter uses precision cuts to cleanly add images and inscriptions directly onto the custom metal sign.