Park Signs

At Idaho Laser Cutting, we create park signs that withstand rust and corrosion even in the worst of weather. The metal park signs also accent the outdoor environment and are sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Powder Coating Options

We understand the need to design custom laser cut park signs that will withstand the elements that come with being installed outside. For this purpose our Idaho Laser Cutting Team came up with a sandblast, prime, and powder coating process to eliminate corrosion, produce a longer lasting custom laser cut sign, and keep it looking brand new.

powder coated color options
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park custom metal sign

custom laser cut park sign

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Custom Laser Cut Name & Address Sign Benefits:

  • Each custom laser cut sign is etched with a pristine laser that adds the images, inscriptions, and sceneries directly to the metal.
  • All of our powder coating has been tested in salt spray to ensure a long-lasting, durable coating.
  • Each custom laser cut park sign has been forged from the purest metal.