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The newest line of custom laser cut metal signs is our specialty sign. These signs are entirely customizable for every occasion. Our team specializes in plaques, personal inscriptions, images, and much more. Here at Idaho Laser Cutting we are excited to work with you on your specialty sign.

Powder Coating Options

Our mission is to provide custom laser cut metal signs that will not succumb to rust and corrosion. To prevent corrosion from forming, each laser cut metal sign is powder coated to create a durable, smooth finish. The powder coating is available in twelve standard colors or can be customized per request.

powder coated color options
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Custom Laser Cut Metal Signs
Custom Laser Cut Metal Process

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Custom Laser Cut Metal Specialty Sign Benefits:

  • Each custom laser cut metal specialty sign has been fortified against rust and corrosion.
  • Metal specialty signs are the perfect gift for holidays and birthdays.
  • The powder coating produces a vibrant color that holds its shine all year round.