High Quality Service Guaranteed

Here at Idaho Laser Cutting, we offer quality services at an affordable cost. We offer a variety of custom fabrication services including: powder coating, laser cutting, CNC bending, and welding. Come to us with your projects!

Laser Cutting

We have a 4000 Watt Amada Laser Cutter with a 60” X 120” bed. Our computer aided laser cutter is accurate, quick, and produces high quality laser cut parts.

Powder Coating

We sand blast, epoxy prime, and powder coat all products to ensure maximum adherence and a long lasting rust free finish. We have a range of 12 complimentary colors to choose from with custom colors available upon request.

CNC Bending

Bending is a great alternative to welding. It eliminates the need for overlapping parts and reduces the risk for faulty seams. For a more streamlined product, ask about or bending capabilities.


We have a team of highly trained and well-seasoned welders who use full welds on all the parts that come through our shop.

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